Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Morgan Spring Orchestra Concert

Irons had their Spring Orchestra Concert on May 11, 2010.  Morgan and the Varsity group performed six pieces.  We also attended her banquet on May 14th.  She received certificates for being an officer and UIL Sweepstakes where they earned all 1's (the best) and a trophy.  She also received her pin for Superior in Ensemble.  Then, the director announced a new award she would be giving, "Outstanding Leadership."  This was for the students in each group who work hard, help the groups, practice, add ideas, etc.  Morgan received a plaque for being the Varsity's Outstanding Leader.  Yea Morgan!!!!  We are so proud of all she has done this year.

Here are the pieces from the concert, click on them to view:
Viking Ships of Old
The Delta King
Songs of Stephen Foster
Out of the Winter
Celtic Dance

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Science Fair Fun

Judson had to do an experiment for the science fair at school. I wasn't real excited about thinking of one and getting it all done. His teacher worked with them in class and he came to me saying he was experimenting with ice cream. Mmmmm, I love ice cream! I'm game! He was studying to see which frozen treat melted the fastest out of ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sherbet. He had a ball scooping the treats into bowls and then while we waited, we had to eat some too. His hypothesis was that the frozen yogurt would be the fastest, but it was the sherbet.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Finally the pictures!!!!!!!

Well maybe not. I can't get my pictures in a slideshow to come over to here....maybe next time

Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's a White Christmas!!!

As Christmas approached the weathermen kept predicting bad roads and snow. Since it is West Texas, we didn't listen. Christmas Eve morning Jeremy and I were awakened by Judson coming in wet and cold from the snow. I was completely impressed that he had on jeans and not shorts. I grabbed my coat and camera and journeyed out to the backyard. It is always fun to watch the dogs investigate snow. They don't like the cold, but know it is fun to play in. They hopped all over the yard while Judson ran and played. He would eat the snow, throw the snow, and lay in it...all while awaiting Morgan. As soon as she came outside, he grabbed and hurled snow at her. It was on!!! They hchad a short snowball/pile fight and then bored with one another went on to make snow angels. Morgan laid down in time for Raider to come over and try to lick her in the face. Seeing her on the ground was like a green light for Jud who came running over and started trying to dump snow on her. The wind was really too cold to stand, so we all went back into the house and they had some hot chocolate to warm up.

Christmas morning Judson came bouncing in our room telling us about the wonderful gifts Santa had left by the fireplace. He let us know he had inspected them and then went to wake Morgan. As he is our alarm clock and she likes to sleep late, he felt a slap to the forehead would be the best way to get her up.

We all got up and opened presents and as Santa left an Xbox 360, Jeremy had to make sure it worked. While they set it up, I cooked a big Christmas breakfast and called Mrs. Anderson to come over. We enjoyed a nice breakfast and soon the kids were watching Jeremy kill zombies. We had to pry him away from the game to pack for Matador.

We had waited til mid-day before traveling hoping the roads would clear. Our trip wasn't too bad and we stopped in Roaring Springs for a late lunch with the Merediths. The kids had a snowball fight with the cousins and all of them came in soaked!! We headed into Matador for Christsmas with Jim and Carla. The kids received some special gifts made by Meme...bulletin boards, GI Joe bunk house, and a fancy suitcase along with many other things.

Then we loaded up for the short drive out to Mam-ma and Pap-pa's. The highway was clean and nice and then we hit the dirt roads. My little 4Runner traveled well on the road and then we turned onto the "lane" where snow was piled up all the way to the house. We scraped along until we finally made it to the cattle guard and rushed through the creek. I was so proud to make it without getting stuck.

We had dinner with my family and Nana. After waiting on Judson to finish his huge piece of brisket, they could finally pass out presents. They each got the Wii and DSI games they had asked Mam-ma for and Nana surprised Jud with new boots and Morgan a new camera. (Yea, now she doesn't have to borrow mine)
We had a great Christmas with all of our family. We had safe travel, good food, fun with cousins, and lots of love. Now I sit and watch Jud building with Legos and Morgan play her DSI. Where is Jeremy???? Playing their new Xbox.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Best of Region 16

Morgan tried out for all-region orchestra in October. I knew she was nervous, but we wanted her to try for the experience. She was one of a select few to make the cut. We were so excited for her!!!

Last Friday she went to Monterey High School for an orchestra clinic. They had a conductor from San Antonio leading them. Students were there from all Lubbock districts and Plainview. They spent all day Friday rehearsing and learning with their peers. I went to pick her up at 5:30 and walked in while they were playing. I was shocked!!!! I really thought an older group or professional orchestra was playing. I found her director and asked where Morgan was and she pointed to the stage. There was my little girl making the most beautiful music....it took my breath away!

The next day we anxiously made our way to the auditorium to hear the best of Region 16 middle school orchestras. Friends and family joined us as we waited for the kids to perform. They treated us to three beautiful songs and Morgan left the stage with a huge smile. The students each received a patch for all-region. She came home with a nice plaque, t-shirt, and a CD for many hours of hearing her performance over and over. Congratulations Morgan, we are so proud of you!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Canadian Fall Festival

For the weekend of October 17-18th, we traveled to Canadian to visit Bobo and Meme. The town was having their Fall Foliage Festival. Jeremy and I had never visited, so this was our first trip and we were very impressed with the town. We will probably never eat at the RailHead again as it took about 3 hours for our food. I know they were busy, but WOW!!!

After eating, the guys went back to Jim's for a football-watching afternoon and the girls went to the Arts and Crafts fair. They had lots of neat things to look through and Morgan and I made some good purchases. We looked around the town at several stores and headed back up the hill. Judson had made a friend who was going to feed the elk across the road. So he and I went with her and he helped while I took pictures. This was the first time I had seen live elk, very different.

The next day they drove us around town and showed us houses, the art museum, and the old bridge. It is 3/4 of a mile long, so I got my walking in for the day. Then we took the kids to the skate park, they love it! Tony Hawk was brought in to design it, so it was a very nice place for kids. Even Jeremy, the big kid, got to ride on a skateboard.

We had an exhausting, but nice weekend and got home to prepare for the next week.


We have been busy with school and the kids activities. Just an update, Grandpa Jon came and visited for a couple of days. Jud took him all around the neighborhood and they made it to the park to play catch. They had a great time and wished he could come more often.

We made it to Matador for Maw-ma's 88th birthday party. The kids enjoyed visiting the cousins and loved the ice cream and cake. Maw-ma was thrilled to see them all! She would love to watch them all explore the canyons like we all did.